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Milwaukee Delfino and make decisions

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After traveling to North Carolina with Michael Gordon, Milwaukee Bucks Traumatology, studies conducted between Thursday and Friday of last week did not yield the best results for Carlos Delfino.

"The reality is that the fracture was found in August marked a setback in recovery. Still there and I will have to go into the operating room again to try to resolve the situation, "said the player.

The "successful" surgery conducted by the Dr. Martin O'Malley in May, where a plaque on bone and two vertical screws placed today are a setback for evolution.

They have already spent more than three months since the fracture was discovered and in different ways attempted to activate the bone but none seems to have worked as expected.
Therefore, wait a development that fails would be in vain and will have to act more aggressive on the injury to try to improve the current situation.

"I'm frustrated because I did all the homework but my body did not respond as expected ... I remain optimistic," said Carlos, who is totally confident.

Is underway finding the best specialist to provide security and confidence to the player and the franchise will be without their services throughout the 2013/14 NBA season.

Upon completion of the new intervention, the estimated recovery time is four to six months.

Finally, Carlos said a few words about their internal process to such news and reiterating optimism returned as soon as possible.

"Now I have to be calm and open to the choice of the professional who can help in the recovery of my injury. This was worse than I expected but I'm sure I'll return to the court. "

Photo: Jeff Hanisch (U.S. Presswire)

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